Your life is only as good as your mindset.

Hi my name is Mickelle! I am a spiritual, gypsy soul who is looking to share my chaotic life and how I got here. I created InspiredByInfluence to spread positivity and motivate others to live out their dreams. Join me while I share my experience being a nomad including: travel itineraries, inspiration, photography, and my personal stories.

When I am not traveling I spend my time living in beautiful Florida enjoying the water, house music, hot wings, and books by the sunset. I love a change of pace and staying inspired.

So where did this all get started you ask? My long for adventure started about 3 year’s ago while living in Athens, Greece.

Back in Athens I studied videography and media. The more I learned about other cultures and the power of media influence on people, the more I wanted to know. From festivals to unforgettable sights my life had changed forever. Over a course of 5 months I experienced endless stories,+20 cities, 10 countries, 4 islands, 1 bungee jump and 1 back flip out the plane. I was hooked on the bagpack life.

As my trip was coming to a end I was dreading returning to Missouri, my hometown. With one year left of school I made it my goal to get out of there and move to the coast.

Oahu, Hawaii Selfie
Oahu, Hawaii December 2020

A short two weeks after graduating college I moved to sunny Florida. Over the next two years I spent my life living on someone’s time card. Constantly doing whatever I could to move me up the corporate ladder. I hated it, I longed for creativity, and a ingreation of my life and my work. The curiosity of finishing my travels where I left off, often left my mind wondering.

Flash forward to today, I have found remote work and have the freedom to travel on my own schedule. I added +30 cities to that list, 5 countries, and am just getting started. From old castles to the beaches of Thailand, I couldn’t be more grateful to be finally starting the nomad life I had dreamed of for so long. Follow me as I use photography and writing to share the beauties of this world. My hope is to bring you a different perspective, inspiration, and couple laughs along the way.

-xoxo Mickelle

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you will discover is your true self.”

Alan Alda

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