You can find remote work you are passionate about and have the freedom to live the life you want.

Hi, my name is Mickelle, and I have been a digital nomad for the past two years. By capitalizing on the remote job market, I have created a life of location independence. From making money on my terms to only working jobs I am passionate about, my life has changed entirely from the corporate rat wheel.

I can still remember dreading going to work, feeling bored, and constantly wondering if I would ever get to see the world beyond my office cubical. My 1on1 accelerated program is the exact method I and others have used to escape the 9 to 5 reality.

With the proper framework, mentorship, and drive, you can ditch be well on your way to ditching too.

(Program full till January 2022)

The Proof

Digital Freedom is for you if

  • You are currently working a 9 to 5, but desire more freedom and adventure in your life. You often wonder when the workday is over and find yourself living for the weekends.
  • You want to work online but are unsure of the right job for you. You feel like you don’t have enough experience and aren’t sure if your skillset is online.
  • You started working remotely during COVID and can’t be bothered to go to the office. Don’t worry; you don’t have to.
  • You have been applying for remote roles but haven’t had any luck hearing back from anyone.
  • You lack motivation and vision towards following through on your goals.
  • You are curious about the freelance world but are worried about getting started and staying employed as a freelancer.
  • You want to find a remote job you are passionate about and intrigued by.
  • You want to make more money on your schedule. (I have increased my income by 30k in two years from online work.)

However, this program isn’t for you if:

You want to create an eCommerce store, learn about bitcoin, or be an influencer. The purpose of developing this program is to help people achieve the life they want, by using their current unique skills and passions.

The Digital Exploration Transformation

  • 🌊This course will enhance your mindset for personal success.
  • 🌊 Bring clarity to your unique skills and services.
    🌊 Guide to your perfect online job
  • 🌊 Location independent
    🌊 The knowledge landing client pitches, negotiate higher salaries, and network.

Plus, I am spilling all my travel secrets, including:

✈️ Budgeting Guides

✈️Trip Planning Logistics

✈️ Credit Stacking & Taxes

✈️ Safety & Healthcare

✈️ Adapting to nomad life

✈️ Traveling Post COVID

✈️ Solo Traveling & Meeting People

The Digital Exploration Framework

My program step by step structure is taught over seven weeks with personalized daily tasks.

The course will include:

  • Bite sized tasks to help you become a digital nomad
  • Personalized Resume, Linkedin, Upwork review ($500 Value)
  • A 45 minute 1 on 1 call with me each week

The framework:

  1. Master your mindset and uncover your passions
  2. Aligning your unique skills to the remote workforce
  3. How to land the perfect remote job
  4. How to start and land clients as a freelancer
  5. Making the Transition to Nomad Life
  6. The keys to traveling effortlessly

During the seven weeks of working together, we will:

Meeting weekly via Google Hangout for discussions.

At the end of each video, there will be action items to keep you on track.

In between our 1 on 1 calls, you will have access to a private Facebook to post questions in real-time and connect with others in the program.

You will also get:


I want to get you working online faster, so we will be setting goals, and I will be checking in with you.

Access to my network and connections

As your coach, I want to see you succeed. So I am willing to use my network to get you head. I know lots of nomads and other entrepreneurs in this space. My network has helped others get further faster.

Bridging The Gaps Faster

I have learned a lot over the past three years of pursuing and living as a digital nomad. My personal experience combines my experience working at the largest staffing agency in the world, national marketing agencies, and years of traveling. My blended background is what makes my program successful.

I promise you that if you work hard and follow my strategy, you will be working online within two months.

The Investment


($14 a day, and monthly payment options available)


  1. Can I pay for additional support beyond the weekly calls?

At the moment no, but you will have access to our private facebook group.

2. Is this program for aspiring freelancers or people who want to work full-time for a company?

In this course, you will learn both and which approach is best for you. I teach both because knowing both will enable you to make the most money online. By using both, I have increased my income by 30k this year.

3. Still not sure if this program is right for you?

Schedule a 20-minute no-obligation application call. In this call, you gain a clear understanding of my strategy for helping you find work online and transition to nomad life.

4. When will the program start?

We will have your first strategy call immediately after your spot is booked. I do this to keep the momentum up and get you employed faster. However, this program will not start till January 2022.

All Program Sales Are Non-Refundable

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