Your life is only as good as your mindset.

Hi, my name is Mickelle. I am a spiritual modern-day globetrotter creating from my laptop. I focus my time on helping others create inner peace and clarity so they can live a life of total freedom. Over the past 3 years, I have been on an inner awakening journey. It all started when I became a digital nomad in 2019. Growing up in the midwest, I never thought I would be working online and traveling the world. I always thought this was just for celebrities and Instagram models. But before I knew it, I was living in ocean-view luxury apartments, flying first class, and partying on mega yachts. However, after 6 months into my “dream life,” I realized something was still missing. It was March 2021 when intuition delivered the awareness that no “high life” could fix the hole inside of me. 

Mickelle Sleyster Inner peace
My apartment in March 2021

My breakthrough began as I sat on the ground of my over-the-top apartment. The next two years, I moved from country to country and worked with coaches, read books, changed my beliefs, and did yoga and meditation to find inner peace. No matter where I was, I had everything I needed… me. The truth is that no trip or amount of money can replace the importance of inner bliss. Everything we are looking for in our “dreams” is already inside of us, we just need to uncover it. After many emotional nights and days of being honest with myself, and forgiving others, I know what it feels like to attain real joy. On my journey, I got certified in yoga, meditation, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. These techniques have changed my life and are the foundation for how I help others now. 

I founded InspiredByInfluence to help others on their inner journeys and to share my passion for travel. My hope is to inspire others to take control of their thoughts and time. You can expect to get advice from me on how to listen to your intuition, gain confidence, and bring abundance into all parts of your life. Plus, get an inside look at my life as a digital nomad, take my online courses, and the beautiful people I’ve met along the way.

So how did this become my life?

In Greece, I studied videography, media influence, and copywriting. Once I was exposed to other cultures, I became obsessed with understanding the people around me. I would constantly spend my time interviewing and recording anything I could. I wanted to capture the feeling of the people and places around me. From heart-throbbing disco clubs to exploring ancient castles, I felt exhilarated by immersing myself in a new city. I was hooked on the possibility of creating a new life for myself.

As my trip was coming to an end, I dreaded going to Missouri, my hometown. With one year left of school, I made it my goal to at least move to the coast.

After applying for countless applications, I finally landed a job as a technical recruiter. So just like that, I packed up and moved to Florida. Technical recruiting was anything, but exciting. However, I learned how to create eye-catching resumes, pitch to clients, ace interviews, and negotiate with hiring managers.

A couple months into that job I landed myself what I thought was my “dream job” at IHeartMedia National Office. There I learned marketing and content creation from all angles. Over the next two years, I would spend my life living on someone’s time card. I was constantly doing whatever I could to move myself up the corporate ladder. I hated sitting at my computer and letting the days go by while I stared at the screen.

I longed for something that made me feel alive and gave me more than 2 weeks to travel a year.

After 3 months of applying I got something completely remote with flex hours. So I went to Peru and started following the travel bug. However, along my journey, I found myself wanting to make more money.

So I started learning online marketing and pitching to more clients in order to supplement my income as a freelancer at the time. After a year of that, I decided to go full time freelance to focus on my purpose of coaching others. My daily life now consists of making my own schedule and traveling wherever my intuition calls me. 

It’s been 18 countries and 125 cities since I started this crazy journey. I am now off to my next adventure..Asia 2023. 

I hope my story inspires you to find your bliss and take control of your life. I am happy to help along the way. 

-xoxo Mickelle

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you will discover is your true self.”

Alan Alda

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