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Hi my name is Mickelle! I am a spiritual, gypsy soul sharing my chaotic life. From catching 5 flights a week to waking up in cities I can’t even pronouce. If you would of told me 3 year’s ago I would be living out of two suitcases, I wouldn’t of believed you. I created InspiredByInfluence to spread my experience traveling in this unpredidatble world. You can expect to how I afford living on the road, best spots to nomad,and hear about the beautiful people along the way.

When I am not traveling I spend my time living in sunny Florida enjoying the water, house music, hot wings, and podcasts by the sunset.

How this became my life?

Oahu, Hawaii Selfie
Oahu, Hawaii December 2020
Mexico Views
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico March 2021

Well, the truth is long for traveling started about 3 year’s ago while living in Athens, Greece.

In Greece, I studied videography, media influence, and copywriting. Once I had been exposed to other cultures I realized the possibility of creating a new lifestyle for myself. I became dedicated to understanding the people around me. I would spend my time interviewing and recording anything I could. From heart throbbing music to exploring ancient castles, I felt exhilarated living on the road.

As my trip was coming to I dreaded going to Missouri, my hometown. With one year left of school, I made it my goal to at minimum move to the coast.

After applying for countless applications and, I finally landed a job as a technical recruiter. So just like that, I moved to Florida. Over the next two years, I spent my life living on someone’s time card. Constantly doing whatever I could to move myself up the corporate ladder. I hated watching my days pass me by as I sat starring at my computer.

I longed for something that made me feel alive, creative and allowed me to travel at the same time.

With months of applying for jobs while working full time. I can finally say I am living a lifestyle I never thought was possible. This means living on my clock and bring my laptop with me along the way. Joining the remote world is the best decision I have ever made.

During the pandemic I have still managed to add 20 cities to my list. From national parks to hidden towns in Europe my exploring is just getting started. Follow me as I use photography and writing to share the beauties of this world. My hope is to bring you inspiration, show you how to create a life you love, and a couple of laughs along the way.

-xoxo Mickelle

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you will discover is your true self.”

Alan Alda

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