My Experience Flying to Mexico Post-COVID

Recently tourism has been deemed essential in Cancun. With cheap flights and hotels, people are starting to travel outside their homeland again. Eager for adventure I booked a trip to Mexico. Below is my experience getting to Mexico from the United States and to my hostel afterward.

Once arriving at the airport I found everyone to be wearing masks. This time I decided to use a dusk mask this was way more comfortable and better on my skin. I recommend these brands for the most enjoyable flying experience.

Blue Skies Multi-Function Mask for $12.95

Two Pack Face Mask for 15.90

In Tampa, everything seemed to be open and normal. My first flight was to Miami. They checked my passport for my connection then I was on my way.

Once arriving in Miami I found the airport to be a bit of a different story. Almost all stores were closed and there were no dine-in options available.
Also, seating near terminals did have some social distancing signs as well.

As boarding began they checked our passports and we were on our way again. There were no temperature checks or anything related to COVID at this point.

The plane ride was normal with no social distancing on the flight. The only difference was they did not serve any food or drinks on the plane.

Guests on plane
Guests on the plane ride

Once the plane was approaching landing, we were handed a customs form and immigration. The question were usual with no mention of COVID or any health-related questions.

After getting off the plane I headed to immigration there they looked at my form for two seconds and asked me to take off my mask to see my face. Then I was stamped, that was it. I received no questions, no temperature check or anything. Surprisingly it was a very smooth quick process. Following that, I went to customs. No one looked at my form, I just put my bag in a machine then was free.

Next, I made my way outside to take the Ado bus. This a public charter bus that takes you to the center of Cancun. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to save money and stay safe. Everyone was very helpful plus the bus had air conditioning.

Mexico View from plane
Views Flying Over Mexico

Overall getting to Mexico was a very smooth process and easy. If you are looking into Mexico do it the people are nice and the views are spectacular. For more on traveling post-COVID check out my other post for tips and tricks.

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