What to expect traveling since COVID

This past week I took a flight from Florida to Missouri. This was my first flight since flying back into the United States from Peru in mid-March. Over the past few months, the tourism industry and flying have significantly changed due to new rules and regulations. This guide is based on my experience and how I felt while making this journey.

Getting through the Airport

Since the travel industry is still recovering, you will find the airports to be less busy than usual. The benefit of this is quick security lines and easy access through the terminals/airports.

Social Distancing in Dallas International Airport
Social Distancing waiting for terminal buses at Dallas International Airport

As for the restaurants and stores being open in the airport, this was different based on location. In Texas I found everything to be pretty normal with stores and all dining options being open. However, in Missouri, this is not the case. One of the terminals I was in I was only able to find one restaurant open and no stores open. It was creepy to see so many things closed. I would look into this for the states your visiting as each state’s reopening plan is different. My recommendation would be to pick up food or things you need before your trip as options are limited.

In-flight Experience

Once you arrive at your gate you will find seats to be blocked and more space between people. As for boarding, this process will be a little slower so the airline can accommodate social distancing. Once you are boarding depending on your airline you will have to wear a face mask. Most airline companies like American Airlines, Jetblue, and Southwest are requiring face masks for the whole duration of boarding and the flight.

On plane with a mask on
Inflight Selfie

Another major difference is there are no inflight food or drink options. This means you do not options to buy liquor ether. However, on my 2-hour flight, from Dallas to Tampa the airline did provide free water and pretzels in a bag as you board the plane. It was individually packaged for sanitary reasons, but that was it.

As for flying with a mask, it can be quite uncomfortable so I would recommend getting a cloth one as this is more enjoyable. Below are a few masks I would recommend.

Reusable Mask 5 pack from cloth for $21.99

Reusable Mask 3 pack with a filter for $47.99

Key takeaways
In conclusion, you can see flying since COVID it has created a new flying experience. Below I have highlighted the top tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience traveling.

  • Eat and pick up snacks before arriving at the airport.
  • Plan to get through airport quicker than usual.
  • Looking up reopening guidelines for a place you are visiting.
  • Get a cloth mask for most comfortable experience.

Stay safe out their nomads and adventure cautiously. For more travel tips check out my blog updated weekly!

“Good things come to those who book flights.”

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