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Since COVID, thousands of people have joined the remote workforce and more than ever, people are deciding to take their work on the road. Whether it be a month working in Europe or getting rid of everything and committing to the nomad life, this lifestyle is vastly becoming the future. After spending two years living on the road and 80 cities later, it’s safe to say this lifestyle isn’t always as pretty as it looks. Without the right essentials living out of a backpack can quickly become a disaster. That’s why I have created this guide and linked my favorite essentials for living as a digital nomad.

Lisbon, Portugal

Universal Travel Adapter

Have you ever traveled to a new country, needing to charge one of your devices only to find out that you won’t because the plugs are different from the ones back at home? A lot of people haven’t considered this in their plans but having a universal wall adapter can save up so many problems and time. This one is amazing because it has smart fast charging, allows 4 USB devices for phones, cameras and other devices, and another C port. With only one of these adapters, you can charge over 5 different devices at the same time.

Yoga Travel Mat

Yoga is a fantastic exercise that you can do literally anywhere in the world, the only thing you need is a yoga mat. This one is particularly interesting because you can fold it and unfold it as needed, this way you can put it in your luggage easily to be transported. It can fit in a standard laptop case and it’s the ideal thickness to keep your body safe.

Packing Cubes

If you haven’t ever used a packing cube, you’re missing out on so much organization. Instead of dumping everything inside your suitcase, you can divide your things between these 8 different cubes. Not only makes it easier to find what you’re looking for but also creates more efficient space. Ultimately you end up saving space and you can bring other stuff with you. Definitely one of the best inventions for travelers. Also, it makes unpacking super easy. 

Passport Case

When you’re a nomad, the number one document that you’ll need is your passport. Usually, other countries don’t even bother to look at your security number or license, your passport is the main document needed for traveling, so it makes sense that you have a case to protect it from any damage as well as make it easier to find. This case is absolutely stunning and practical because it can hold cards as well and your vaccine card too. 

Pocket Picking Proof Backpack

Having a trusty backpack is very important but buying an anti-theft one may save you some headaches in the future. This one is fantastic, it’s a great size, light and easy to wear, made with quality materials, waterproof cover and has plenty of space to fit your personal items such as laptop, phone, clothes and whatever else you need. It keeps everything protected and has a system with double zips to make sure no one but you has access to the inside. It’s suitable to use as a carry-on on a plane.

Wireless Earbuds

A piece of earbuds can be your best friend whenever you’re doing a task that you may not be very fond of. These ones have such good sound quality, amazing battery power, and noise cancelation, which makes them really good for taking calls and meetings. The connection with your device is fast and easy to do, it won’t take long and an additional plus is that they get charged whenever they are on their case. Did I mention these are waterproof as well? Simply a must-have device to have on hand.

Portable Charger

Did someone say you’re lost and your phone is dead? Having a portable charger that has great battery power will be another life savior that you will use constantly to keep your phone or other devices charged. This one is very slim and light which means that it won’t take too much space in your suitcase and has 3 USB C ports, meaning you can charge 3 devices at the same time. It’s super reliable because when it’s full it can charge up your iPhone over 3 times, so definitely it’s a must-have.

Mobile Hotspot Router

Finding a good and fast internet connection is the most challenging part of being a digital nomad. Sometimes you’ll find a good internet connection and other times it won’t even be enough to upload an Instagram story. Having a mobile hotspot router with an international internet plan will be the best way to have internet available at all times. This router is small and lightweight which makes it very easy to travel with. It offers 4G connection, has a touch screen, works in over 140 countries and has over 12 hours of battery.

In conclusion digital nomad can be fun just be sure you are prepared. I hope this list is the final push to get you out there on the road and exploring. Be sure to join my email list for travel guides weekly, courses, freebies, and more.

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