Packing List For Digital Nomading in Mexico

Whether it be the endless summer weather or the affordable tacos, Mexico is home to thousands of digital nomads every year. It is the perfect location for escaping the winter blues and traveling on a budget. Over the past two year’s I spent eight months living in Mexico; I simply can’t get enough. From the ironic resorts in Tulum to the unbelievable adventures in Puerto Vallarta, if you are looking for your next digital nomad home, look no further than Mexico. However, before taking off and lying in the sand, there are a few things you are sure you will want to have. This packing list is my essentials for every time I work and travel on the coast of Mexico.


It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in, it always has to be a priority to take care of yourself and your skin. Some regions of Mexico can have an average of 9 at the UV Index, which means very high sun exposure, therefore sunscreen cannot be skipped. Having a sunscreen stick can come in very handy to protect your skin if you’re particularly not feeling like putting too much effort into your routine. It’s easy to use, as well as to re-apply and with an SPF50, you know you’ll be covered for a while. 


Of course, a swimsuit is a must-have if you’ve chosen to be a digital nomad in the turquoise waters of Mexico. This two-piece set is fantastic because it has heavy support, feels secure and it’s stylish. Bottoms are adjustable and this style works wonders for different types of bodies. This is one of the 15 swimsuits I carry on me while traveling Mexico.

Filtered Water Bottle

Did you know the water in Mexico isn’t filtered? Having a filtered water bottle with you is a smart idea and a great investment for your health. This bottle is very durable because it is made of steel and plastic, holds up to 32 oz of liquid and keeps water cold for 24 hrs.

Bug Repellent Cream

If you are dreaming of jungle vibes or a dreamy beach destination, then getting bites from insects is practically unavoidable. Having a bug repellent nearby at all times can be essential for a good time. This one is my particular favorite because it is a double duty: not only does it repel insects but if you get a bite from them, it helps relieve the itching. Nothing will break your concentration more than a bunch of insect bites all over your body, so this is a must.

Travel Beach Towel

Afternoon at the beach? Yes please, but carrying a towel can take up lots of space. My favorite thing about this beach towel is how portable it is. It has its own bag so you can fold it and take it anywhere or even fit it without problems inside your suitcase. It has many different prints to choose from and it’s also a perfect size for laying down and sunbathing or to dry yourself after swimming in a pool.

Comfort Beach Slides

You’ll never have to sacrifice comfort for style. These slides are a combination of comfort and practicality. They are easy to put on and easy to clean, making them very accessible for days at the beach. You can also purchase them in different colors so they match all your favorite dresses.

Funky Flowy Pants

Whether it be walking around after sunset or working in a cafe, then you surely need a cover-up because working only with your bikini doesn’t really provide “boss vibes”. Though I still do this part-time in Mexico. However, these pants are so nice because they have a really beautiful crochet pattern and allow the skin to breathe while still covering everything that needs to be covered. These are my go-to when walking home after the sunset.

Maxi Dress

This dress is the perfect piece for an evening out to go and dine in a restaurant or for an evening walk on the beach. It’s soft, flattering, flowy, not see-through and you can use it without a bra without showing anything extra. An essential piece to dress up or dress down. I love using dresses while traveling as it saves me the time of picking out an outfit.

In conclusion, packing for Mexico is simple if you are prepared. I hope this blog inspires you to hop over to Mexico and enjoy this sunny location.

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