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If you are reading this blog you probably found it on my Instagram or Pinterest. I am assuming you clicked on it because you’re curious about my story. How I manage to work and travel, how I afford this lifestyle, or how this became my daily life.

Well, truth be told it wasn’t always working from the beach and catching flights. When I got out of college it was a bit of a mess.

How it Started

So as my senior year of college started I knew I wanted to move away from my hometown. However, I was already a couple of grand in credit card debt from traveling Europe. I was working a bartending just to get through my weekly expenses. I would try to budget as little as $50 a week on spending. I knew I needed a job to move. So at the end of August my senior year, I started applying.

I found myself over the next 5 months in interviews for random sales jobs. I had no internship experience, an okay GPA, and no connections. By January of my senior year, I took the money I had and bought a flight to Florida for more interviews. All the interviews were a bust and the companies turned out to have misleading sales jobs. With three months left of school, I started to hustle up my applying.

By February I landed three more interviews for what appeared better companies and flew back out to Florida. Over the next three days of interviews, but one company stood out to me. It was a recruiting job with a decent base salary plus commission after training. 

The Florida Move

So 2 weeks after graduation I took the 2 grand in my bank account and what I could fit in my car. Then headed towards Florida. Living by the coast was as dreamy as I thought it be. However, the job was not. I found myself working 50- 60 hours a week and always tired. I was miserable and felt like I wasn’t following my passion at all. Plus, because I was in training my pay was significantly less than what I was promised. I was barely scraping by to pay rent. After being in Florida for 4 months I had built up 6,000 in credit card debt.

I wanted something else. So every day after work I was constantly applying for anything I could find most nights for 2-3 hours. I was fresh out of school with about 3 months of experience so it was a bit of a challenge.

My Second Job Post College

By January, I finally got a new job doing sales for IHeartMeda. I was excited to start my new career in marketing and maybe be on the radio. The base pay was okay, but there was a lot of potential for good commissions. So the next 6 months I lived calling any business and selling. I would even work a late schedule just to try to get more leads. Doing whatever I could to get sales so I get myself out of debt. After only 3 months of working there, I was able to pay it off. 

However, the money was inconsistent and I found myself still living check to check. Also, at this point I was starting to dread going to an office every day. I spent many afternoons wanting to be anywhere, but staring at a computer screen. I found myself unhappy yet again.

At the start of my 7th month working there in June, it hit me I had to make digital nomading my life to be happy. How was I gonna do it… I had no idea but really didn’t see it any other way. From that point forward I started telling my coworkers and friends I was going to work and travel. Everyone had their doubts and found no one really understood my vision.

My Mindset Shift

Yet behind closed doors every day after work I would spend 3-4 hours applying for any remote job I could. Even while on lunch break I would be applying. 

After about 2 months, I started getting interviews but nothing was fully remote. So I would turn them down and kept applying. I knew I wouldn’t leave my current job unless it was exactly what I wanted. Luckily, by November I ended up a hit on LinkedIn for a software company in San Franciso. It was a 100% remote contract job with a decent wage. However, with no opportunity for commission, I knew I was leaving money on the table if I left IHearMedia. For steps on how I found remote work, click here.

The Leap of Fate

After weighing the options I thought it was worth it if brought me closer to traveling full-time. The job had a 90 day trial period which was risky, but I took a leap of fate. Soon after starting the job, I made a timeline to travel.

Basically, my plan was to learn the job in two months then take off for traveling. So by the beginning of the 3rd month, I headed to Peru without telling my boss. I knew proving I could do it was better than asking. I was so nervous, yet mentally I kept manifesting this belief it would work. It sounds cliche, but I just wouldn’t ever doubt myself.

Luckily the plan worked and when I told my boss he seemed chill. I continued to perform in my job and plan trips. The next few months were followed by the pandemic but I didn’t really let that stop. I would go where I could and the trips just got longer and longer. Leading me to tell my boss I was going to have no home base and just travel after 6 months of proving I could. With me on top of my work, he couldn’t say anything and said if I could perform it was okay.

Still Wanting More Money

After a few months and some trips later, I wanted to make more money. So I decided to get serious about blogging I created a website. It was my pandemic project. In that month I decided I was going to follow my passion of writing as a freelancer. After a short 3 months of blogging, I got my first few clients.

They were fellow digital nomads and had heard from other people I was a writer. I had never been a paid writer before and wasn’t even sure what I was doing. The projects didn’t pay much and the topics were random but it was something. After 3 months of freelance blogging, I got a break from a digital marketing agency. They were a start-up wanting help with email marketing and copywriting .

By working for them I was able to take some amazing courses and learn in-depth about email marketing.

Unfortunately, the position ended after only 2 months. The company was a bit unorganized, however, I gained a new skillset. Plus my Upwork account started getting some traction. I had an Upwork account for 4 months at this time and was starting to get the projects I had applied for. At 6 months, I started getting people finding me every week with freelance projects. From blogging to email marketing and content creation the doors really started to open.

Leading me to the recent few months of steady freelance jobs in marketing and blogging. It has now started to snowball into something bigger than I thought. This has allowed me to triple my hourly rate in only 6 months. Now the money I am making off of freelance per month is almost equivalent to what I am making with my full-time job. Having those two incomes has put me in a spot to hit 6 figures this year at age 25. Plus I get to live my passion of traveling and working anywhere. This freedom is something I am grateful for every day.

Honestly, this whole experience has been challenging and unbelievable. Looking back I wouldn’t change any of it. I share this story with you for you to realize there are no limits when comes to opportunities or money to be made. All throughout these 3 years I have had hundreds of people tell me my dreams were unrealistic. Truth be told your perception creates your reality. My belief is what kept me pivoting to find what was next. As you can see I never had any huge advantages I just believed in myself and worked hard. It all sounds cliche, but if you grind and really follow your vision, anything is possible. 

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