Living in Mexico as a Digital Nomad Guide

Over the past 3 months, I have had the opportunity to live in about 5 different cities in Mexico. As a digital nomad there a couple of things I look for that are essential to my work success and overall happiness. From this experience, I have created a guide of 7 things I wish I knew before I moved to Mexico. 

1. The internet connect is location specific.

Whether you are living in a small beach town or a big city, both have good and bad internet. I have found it doesn’t matter how luxurious the place is or isn’t, the wifi is something all its own. To ensure you have a fast connection there are two things I would recommend. One is getting an international phone plan. Though I usually use the wifi there are times it just doesn’t work and this is where my hotspot saves me. If you would like to buy a local sim card I would recommend Telcel. This network has been the most constant for me all throughout Mexico. 

The last thing is to ask for wifi speeds before booking places this can save you from trying to find cafes later.

 2. You will need to get pesos.

In my experience finding a place that accepts cards is all over the place. I have been in small dirt road towns that take Visa and big cities that only take cash. With this being said you should always carry pesos or American cash to be exchanged. Just carrying your card and hoping for an ATM isn’t always the best move. In some cities, there are few ATMs and can create a drive to find one. My best tip is to exchange money at the airport for the best exchange rate.

3. The quality of life in Mexico is underrated.

Sometimes when people think about Mexico they tend to think the worse. However, I have found the quality of life is great depending on the area. So do your research, before staying somewhere I often look up the best areas and read a few blogs. From amazing restaurants to stunning yoga studios this lifestyle can be quite perfect for someone looking for a laid-back lifestyle.

My apartment view from the rooftop in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

4. The sun shine can be intense. 

It is really important to remember when living in Mexico to prepare for the heat. This means packing summer clothes and wearing sunblock. Also, keep in mind the more south you go and the later in the year it is, the hotter it is. My advice is to save southern Mexico for those typical winter months.  

5. Many places don’t have air conditioning or hot water.

Air conditioning can be very expensive in Mexico so many restaurants and accommodations don’t have it. So to prepare for this I would ask your accommodation before. In my experience sometimes a fan can be good enough but depends on your preference so do your research. Also, hot water is an extra amenity. I have found myself taking cold showers because I didn’t read all details in a booking or ask the host. If a hot shower is something you want confirming this detail is essential.

6. Get a surge protector for your laptop.

When it comes to Mexico’s electricity the voltage tends to be shaking especially in small towns. So what this means if you are charging your laptop it may send a volt of electricity to it. This has the ability to fry your entire laptop without you even knowing. I found this out the hard way when my three old MacBook completely fried. By having the surge projector you can save yourself from this problem.

7. Be careful what you eat.

The eats in Mexico is one of my favorite things, however, you must be careful. Many places in Mexico do not have the same sanitation requirements you may see in other countries. For example, I would often see people preparing food without gloves. My advice is just to be careful what you order and if it isn’t that clean do not get raw fish. I had a couple of friends who caught parasites from restaurants. You just never know. 

8. Wake up early to work so you can see the sunset.

The sunsets in Mexico are the absolute best and something everyone living in Mexico should take advantage of. Since you are so close to the equator it gives you a surreal view. In order to do that I would wake up early and work so, I could be done by sunset. 

Mexico Sunset
Unbelievable sunset in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

In conclusion, Mexico has a lot to offer as a digital nomad and makes for quite an enjoyable laid-back lifestyle. So if you are thinking about making Mexico your next location do it. From the culture to the sunsets this country is something you don’t want to miss and a perfect nomad home for those winter months.

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