Best Hotels in Tulum

This guide features my top favorite places to stay in Tulum, Mexico. From the best hostels to exquisite resorts and hotels. Tulum is known for its luxurious boho vibe and bright blue beaches. Tulum is also very safe, spiritual, and people tend to be friendly. I have found there is something for everyone here in this beachy jungle town and the beauty of Tulum can be experienced for almost any price point. While planning my trip to Tulum I was looking for location, design, cleanliness, and overall experience.

The Best Hostels

While staying in Tulum I check out about five different hostels, however, there were two that I loved.

The Straw Hat

This hostel is located in the direct city center on the main road. The Straw Hat is perfect if you are looking to catch an early bus at the station as it only two blocks away. It also right next to the most authentic Mexican restaurants in the city. This hostel feature a rooftop pool overlooking the city, comfy beds, and an amazing breakfast. 

Straw Hat Pool View, Tulum, Mexico
The pool at the Straw Hat, Tulum City Center

While staying in this hostel I felt very welcomed by the super friendly staff and overall hospitality. Another thing I liked about this place was the sweet dogs in the lobby and the baby kittens on the roof. 

The only thing that needed improvement was the wifi was a little slow and the shower was a bit tight. However for 7 USD a night those things can be overlooked. This hostel has just opened this past May so this why you will not see as many reviews for it, but is worth checking out.

Mayan Monkey Tulum

This hotel/hostel is located right between the city center and the hotel zone on the beach. The dorm beds start at 10 USD a night and private rooms at 50 USD a night. While staying in this hostel it was easy to bike to the beach and puts you in the middle of Tulum. The Mayan Monkey features huge lounge areas for working, warm showers, and a great pool/patio. This place also has a nice bar and a delicious taco place directly under it. Another advantage of this place was the people it attracts. While staying there I was able to meet many travelers just like me and had the best atmosphere out of all the places I stayed in Quintana Roo.

Workspace at the Mayan Monkey, Tulum
A workspace at the Mayan Monkey, Tulum

The hostel beds were very private with a curtain. The beds included shelves for storage and USB plugs in the lockers as well. Lastly, another big advantage was fast wifi. It was very easy to work here and caught myself constantly extending my stay.

Mayan Monkey Pool
Mayan Monkey Pool, Tulum

There were no real cons of this place besides the bar closing at 10 pm and the deposit required at check-in. Plus the breakfast could have been better as it was only fruit and yogurt. They did offer an upgraded breakfast with more options, however was 5 USD more daily. Overall though this was my favorite hostel in all of Tulum.


Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary

Bufo Alvarius is located right before the hotel zone in Tulum and is about a mile or so away from town. This hotel costs usually about 30 USD a night for the basic room. The hotel features a jungle atmosphere, outdoor gym, and an overall relaxing atmosphere. While walking to your room you can always hear soothing music and smell the smell of incense burning. Another advantage of this hotel is the freaky fast wifi and helpful staff.

Relaxing Pool at Bufo Alvarius, Tulum
Relaxing Pool at Bufo Alvarius, Tulum

Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary is also known it’s spiritual teachings it offers to guests for additional charges. Though I did not take part in any I did have friends who did who loved the experience.

Outside the rooms at Bufo Alvarius Sanctuary

The only thing I would have improved in this place was making the bathrooms apart of the room. To use the bathroom or shower you would have to walk outside the room. Though this could be an inconvenience, they were kept very clean. Plus the showers had outstanding water pressure and warm water.

Pal Mar Stay

Pal Mar Stay is a hotel located in the heart of the hotel zone and is walking distance to all the top restaurants in Tulum. A glamtainer as the hotel would call it will cost you 50 USD a night. This hotel constitutes of about 20 individual container rooms with a bathroom inside each room in the jungle. The unique esthetic of the hotel makes for a one of a kind experience.

Pal Mar Stay
Outside the Glamtainers, Tulum

My favorite thing about staying here was the location, the hammocks outside the room, and overall cleanliness. The only thing I would improve would be having the hotel offer breakfast, but that’s it. Overall this place is quite charming and is a close walk to the best attractions in the Hotel Zone of Tulum.

Papaya Playa Project

Papaya Playa Project is a huge resort at the beginning of the hotel zone in Tulum. This resort features a modern jungle vibe, a private beach club, and a restaurant with a view you won’t forget. From the second you enter the resort you are in jungle heaven from beautiful trees everywhere to art sculptures along the walking paths. This place is unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Outside a suite in Papaya Play Project, Tulum
Outside a suite in Papaya Playa Project, Tulum

Another thing this place is known for is the private suites featuring a personal pool and ocean view. This place is excellent for a romantic getaway or a spiritual experience in their yoga studio. It is also such a big resort it is easy to get lost in. I loved spending my mornings walking through the jungle and watching the sun rises from my rooftop.

Roomview Papaya Play Project, Tulum
View from my suite at Papaya Playa Project, Tulum

For an experience like this, it can get pretty pricy with most of the rooms starting around 600 USD a night and range to 1,500 USD depending on what you pick. The thing to keep in mind is the resort is owned by Marriott so checking points and specials offers is key to getting the best rates.

View from suite rooftop, Tulum
A view from the roof in my suite, Tulum

The only thing I would change is the quality of the food which I found to be average with a high-end price tag. Also because it is at the beginning of the hotel zone you will need to get a cab to be in the heart of the beach area. However, it is only a few bucks and is worth it in my opinion.

Lastly there are two other resorts I had a chance to check out, however I did not stay in them. Both resorts seem to offer a luxury experience with a private beach. The first one is BT Live Tulum, which can be found out at the end of the hotel zone. The suites are massive there with many featuring a private pool. The other resort is Nomade, which is known for its unique architecture. I would recommend both for a romantic getaway and worth looking into if you are looking for a luxury vacation.

In conclusion, as you can see Tulum is a amazing vacation destination with options to please any price point. I hope this inspires you to book your own trip to Tulum and soak in it’s sun.

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