Traveling to Croatia Post-COVID Guide

With so many restrictions for travel all over the world especially as an American, it’s hard to know what places you can travel to. Croatia is one of the few countries in Europe that is currently open to Americans.

In this blog, I will be addressing my experience traveling to Croatia and what the COVID restrictions are like.

Traveling to Croatia as an American

On the US Embassy website, it makes it very clear you must have a valid PCR Test from the past 48 hours. Given that these tests take usually about 3-5 days to process it was a challenge to find. So what I did was took a CVS test 3 days before my flight. Then took a VIP PCR Test on the day of my flight. By having two tests under my belt I ensured I would have results from at least one.

By even having one negative test even if it was expired it ensures a shorter quarantine. This whole process made me very nervous that something would go wrong, since it seemed so strict according to the US Embassy.

In my experience however once arriving into Croatia it was quite different than I expected. For one he didn’t ask me any questions or about the form, they insist you fill out before arriving. The guy only looked at my passport and VIP test. Since I had just received my results I showed him on my phone, he asked me to I send it to him. I emailed him the results and one quick look then I was in. The whole process took about 5 minutes.

The American girl next to me also had an antibody test which they just let her in with. There was also another girl who arrived in Croatia the 3rd of September whose test was older than 48 hours, who they also let in no problems.

In our travel, there are 40 nomads and no one received any issues about getting in. What I believe is any COVID test will more than likely get you in. The results are not really looked at in detail and there is no real quarantine enforced here regardless.

As for any travelers arriving not from America, you show them your passport and you are in.

The process is very simple and Croatia really does seem to be welcoming guests from all countries.

Stopping in other cities and connecting flights on the way

Reaching Croatia is not the easiest thing and direct flights almost do not exists coming from the United States. There are a lot of rumors surrounding having a connecting flight in another country you are not allowed to visit. This could be having a connection in London or Amsterdam then traveling to Croatia.

I just wanted to clarify this is not a issue since you will not be going through customs. Now each airport does have its own separate regulations on how long the connection can be, but connecting flights are allowed. Most airports allow for a 12-hour layover. I would still check out US Embassy of country you are visiting and Schengen Visa is another helpful resource .

The thing to look out for in each country is if they have a form you have to fill out before landing. Since my flight connected in London I had to do the United Kingdom form. It took about 5 minutes. When I got off the plane I showed the guy my confirmation, but that was the only time. If something like this is required you will be warned before leaving your flight from the United States.

COVID Restrictions in Croatia

As for the COVID restrictions in Croatia, there are a few in a place like a mask in shops, markets, or public transit. But for the restaurants and bars, everything is pretty much open. Some things do close at midnight, but that is about it. For a helpful resource on latest Croatia News I would check out this one.

The thing to keep in mind however is many southern coastal towns like Dubrovnik or Trogir will close by November due to weather/tourist season-ending.

So if you are planning on visiting Croatia I would focus on northern cities or Zagreb.

Overall, as you can see traveling to Croatia as an American is very possible and definitely worth it. From the laidback restrictions to everything being open, it makes for a rather enjoyable vacation.

Love to hear other people’s experience traveling to Croatia Post-COVID, please leave it in the comments.

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