Ultimate Travel Guide for Trogir in Croatia

From stone-paved streets to multiple clock towers Trogir is a medieval paradise. Trogir is a small nautical town located about 30 minutes outside of Split. The stunning city was built in 1476 and is one of the best-preserved places in all of Europe. 

This guide will feature the best hotels, choice restaurants, and top attractions in all of Trogir in Croatia. 

Trogir Castle

Where to Stay in Trogir

So Trogir in Croatia is only 500 meters long and 250 meter wide, with it being this size it makes it easy to navigate by foot. Whether you stay in the “island center” or just across the bridge both will put you close to the heart of Trogir. While spending a month in Trogir I had a chance to stay in quite a few different places, below are my favorite in order. 

Brown Beach House $$-$$$

This is the most luxurious hotel in all of Trogir. The hotel features a glass pool that overlooks the water. From day beds to a spa this pool is perfect for a romantic getaway. It also has an amazing restaurant and bar next to the pool. The free breakfast is delicious and is made to order. Some of my other favorites were the fresh iced coffee and house champagne. 

Brown Beach House View
Views from the rooms at Brown Beach House

If this hotel is a little out of your budget the pool offers day passes for 200 kuna in season. I would recommend showing up in person for the best price. 

Liam Apartments $$

These apartments are located about a 15 minute walk from the town, however, do have their advantages. First off they have a full kitchen and washing machine. Also, apartments feature a balcony with a view of the sea. This was my favorite for doing yoga early in the morning or reading a book mid-afternoon. I would recommend this to someone who is looking to stay in Trogir a bit longer as it is a proper apartment. 

Liam Apartments Views
Balcony views at Liam Apartments

Some of my other favorite places to stay in Trogir, Croatia:

Best Restaurants in Trogir, Croatia

Vrata O Grada

When comes to coworking or budget-friendly food look no further than here. With waterfront dining and a quiet cafe option, this is perfect for dinner with friends or even a solo lunch. From real beef burgers to fresh seafood this cafe features something for everyone. Some of the favorites are the shrimp risotto, bacon cheeseburger, mussels, and shrimp pasta. 

Also, this cafe is the only spot in Trogir with a milk alternative for coffee, plus their ice coffee is amazing. Lastly out of all the cafes they have the fastest WiFi. 

Wild West 

If you are looking for steak Wild West is perfect. This western-inspired restaurant features various steak cuts while keeping it budget-friendly. Their ribeye is 400grams and is only 180 kuna. All steaks are served with corn and beans. This restaurant is also one only places open year-round.

More yummy eats in Trogir:

  • Mirkec $-$$: The best pizza 
  • Calebotta Wine Bar & Restaurant $$: Perfect for a special occasion dinner
  • Bubalus Burger Bar $$: Huge burgers and amazing fries
  • Restaurant RIVA $$-$$$: Waterfront dining and delicious seafood 
Pizza at Merkic
Pizza at Mirkec

Top Attractions

Walking Tour of Trogir

Though you can explore Trogir without a guide if you are curious about history I recommend taking this tour. It is great if you are looking to connect the dots on why Trogir is the way it is. Tour will cost you 12 euros and last about two hours. 

Trogir City Castle View
Trogir city view

Day trip to Blue Lagoon, Croatia

There are multiple island trips you can take from Trogir, however, this one is my favorite. On this boat trip, you will be able to enjoy the one kind bright blue water and stunning mountains. My favorite was the ride back to Trogir, seeing the city from the water was breathtaking. 

Water in the Blue Lagoon, Croatia

There are various companies you can book this through however, for the best deals I recommend going to the waterfront and negotiating prices. Usually, the online offers are more than what a local can offer you. 

Okrug Gornji Beach

This is one of the closest and most popular beaches in all of Trogir. The beach features a long strip of restaurants, bars, and cafes. You can also rent a chair and table for as low as 25 kunas a day. I often found myself spending many afternoons here soaking up the sun or watching the sunset.

Other great things to do while there:

  • Day Trip to Hvar
  • Have Drinks at the Clock Tower and City Loggia
  • Church of St. Peter
  • Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas
  • Watch the sunset at Kamerlengo Castle and St. Mark’s Tower
  • Day Trip to Krka Falls
Krka Falls National Park
Krka Falls

In conclusion, as you can see Trogir in Croatia has plenty to do and is worth visiting. So whether you base your holiday in Split and make a day trip or spend weeks there you won’t regret it. 

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I love to hear your favorite things to do in Trogir as well, share them in the comments! Safe and happy travels! 

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