Top Tips for Traveling Post COVID

Over the past few months traveling freely has been drastically impacted by the pandemic. However, tourism in some places has started back up again and flights are being booked. In this blog I will highlight my top tips for traveling internationally post-COVID to ensure you have a successful trip. 

Register for the STEP program through the US Embassy of the country you are visiting. 

STEP is a program that basically sends you updates in regards to safety at the country you are visiting. This program will send you emails and texts on health, crime, and more. The program has proofed in my past two international trips to be essential to knowing restrictions with borders closing before they happen and areas to avoid due to violence. Even if it is a few day trip anything can happen during these uncertain times. All the US Embassy websites are the best source for accurate information regarding the country and post-COVID restrictions. Even if you are not American I recommend you check out the news sections for the best information on borders. 

Be prepared for flights to change.

As the airlines are trying to recover, the demand for flights is not where it used to be. With fewer travelers airlines have been cutting flights with short warning and doing so only a few days before. I would recommend checking your flight confirmations early and set aside a little extra money for if you get stuck there for longer. Also if you have an event or something you have to be back home for I would recommend planning on going home 3 days early to ensure you make it. 

For best flight prices check out Skyscanner.

Don’t believe it before you see it.

What I mean by this is don’t believe everything you hear about a place being closed down or open until you see it. While traveling in Mexico I found some people would say something is open and another would say it is not. Honestly, it all comes down to timing and the exact city you are visiting. In many places things are changing on a weekly basis and sometimes even daily. It is best to go see for yourself or connect with someone who is presently there. Even Google and Yelp can be wrong on what is truly open. I would recommend calling a restaurant/attraction if the journey is far, so you don’t waste your time. Also, resort areas can be different regulations than a regular city. It can be confusing by hearing so many things that’s why STEP is so important.

Bring copies of your passport and health information.

Anytime you travel outside your home country you should have a minimum of three physical pictures of your passport and health insurance. With many embassy’s having limited hours this is more important than ever if something were to happen. I recommend carrying a picture of IDs everywhere and having your passport in a safe place to ensure nothing happens. These copies could be what gets you back home so keep them safe.

Be prepared you could get stuck.

No one wants to hear the possibility of getting stuck in another country, however, things are very unpredictable and borders do close. While traveling in Peru at the start of the pandemic, I decided to come home early because I had a bad feeling. After arriving in the United States the borders closed completely in Peru without warning. If I would have stayed one more day I would have been stuck. There are a couple of ways can prepare for this if it does happen.

  • Have someone you trust to be added as a beneficiary on all bank accounts. This will allow someone to access your money if you have you can’t.
  • Bring a computer with you so you can work for your job and it will give you another way to contact people.
  • Have someone already informed of your travels that can maintain your home or animals.
  • Get travel insurance or confirm your regular insurance will cover you being gone.

In conclusion, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for traveling post-covid. More than likely everything will be fine, but it is smart to have these things are your radar to prepare yourself. If you have any tips for traveling post-COVID I love to hear them in the comments!

Keep calm travel on and don’t forget your mask!

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