This is a journey series of my thoughts through the streets of Lima, Peru as a solo traveler. This is the second journal in the series, for the previous one click here.

Today I woke up and hopped out of without even an alarm. As I ran to the window I was beyond eager to go out and see this place they call Lima. 

I found downtown Lima to be quite charming with only a few freaks. The city appeared very clean and full of yellow bright buildings. It was interesting to see what life in Lima was like. The traffic was hectic with many people creating their own lanes. The food was amazing and affordable my lunch was only $4. Then there was my Spanish and well let’s be honest it was terrible.

Miraflores coast in Lima, Peru
Miraflores, Lima, Peru

However , on my journey today I met 3 girls all from Germany. Much like they were all traveling solo. I loved listening to them talk and share stories about themselves.

Though we had grown up from across the world, we all had quite a few things in common. The main one being our strong desire to experience all out of life and embrace many cultures.

Mena, I found to be the most intriguing, she had been backpacking for the past 6 months starting in Mexico making her way all the way down to Peru. I admired her courage to freely travel and wear the clothes she wanted even it was what some would say risky. It was like she was fearless and had been almost everywhere. 

Today I realized you never know something till you truly experience it. Everything you hear or read is just an interpretation of someone else’s experience. This experience has nothing to do with you, so go out there and do the unthinkable. Because life is too short. 

“Life itself is a privilege, but to live life to the fullest…Well that is a choice.”

-Andy Andrews

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