This is a journey series of my thoughts through the streets of Lima, Peru as a solo traveler. This is the first journal in the series.

When I woke up today I was shaking I was so nervous I almost couldn’t breathe. The day I had been waiting for years and I couldn’t be dreading it anymore. What if this? What if that? my mind was racing. Today was the day I was embarking on my first completely solo journey out of the United States.

Holding Passport in Airport

Once I arrived in Miami, I became excited and the nerves were starting to edge off. Next I met a really welcoming girl named Alama. She was from Lima, but recently had been living in Florence, Italy studying.

We soon bonded over our love of the arts and what’s it be like to work in film. Much like me she had a love editing and being creative.

Later the conversation, became about my journey to Peru. She showed me pictures of her favorite beaches and painted colored towns. However she did warn me about the dangers of the city, but always brought it back to the beauty of the city.

As I sat in my seat on the plane I felt comfortable and eager. The champagne and food on the plane was wonderful. My server in first class was such a sweet man the felt a good trip coming on.

As I am embarking on this journey I am an array of emotions from happy to nervous, to almost in tears. Seeing your dreams become reality is a rather weird feeling. I am looking forward to the challenge, the soul journey, and the culture. 

“Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.”


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Hi, I am the creator of InspiredbyInfluence. I left my corporate 9 to 5, to pursue my dreams of roaming the world on my schedule. I have been to 15 countries, so far and am just getting started. Let this voyage of wandering began.

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